PMTL is also an almost unique expertise at the heart of your projects, combining performance solutions, reducing your cycle times and increasing quality.

Our teams accompany you throughout the stages of your project

  • Studies & Design

    Project management

    Design & dimensioning of mechanical systems

    Innovation, process improvement, process optimization

  • Control

    Method & industrialization

    Study Control
    and Technical Expertise

    Creation of certification files and manufacturer’s folders

  • Installation & Maintenance

    Testing assistance

    Integration & adjustment

    Maintenance, obsolescence treatment and configuration management


Experts in metal and composite machining of mechanical elementary parts and in the welding, our qualified teams perform assembly, development and integration of equipment including in situ.

PMTL also offers its services in

  • Sheet Metal / Boilermaking

    Sheet metal / Boilermaking

    PMTL works with many grades of materials and profiles with punching, bending, cutting, rolling, forming and boiler making. PMTL manufactures assembled structures (riveted, bolted…) and complete integrated equipment (ground and flight equipment).
  • Welding


    PMTL has qualified welders and handling means allowing the realization of frames and tools all dimensions in steel, aluminium or stainless steel.
  • Machining


    PMTL has medium and large machining centers for the production of elementary parts (ground and flight) or the recovery on mechanically welded assemblies requiring it. PMTL is committed to the geometrical control of complex parts (control or measuring tools).
  • Assembly


    PMTL has a dimensioned workshop and the means of production allowing the assembly and the integration of mechanical equipment which can include hydraulic, pneumatic, electric energies or control command.
  • Painting


    For your painting needs, PMTL prepares and applies specific paints such as polyurethane or industrial, military and space products.


Closed to your needs, PMTL offers a design that meets your constraints, respecting the mechanical characteristics while optimizing the material and design time.

Thanks to a customer-oriented expertises, PMTL allows you to benefit on a daily basis from

Multi-professional and multisector experts

A support in the specification and the drafting of your specifications

  • Industrialization & Production

    Industrialization & Production

    PMTL has also developed strong skills and methods in industrialization and production to guarantee its customers the success of their projects, and offers them quality control and assistance services.
  • Maintenance & Maintenance in Operational Conditions

    Maintenance & though-life support services

    PMTL integrates, develops and regulates its solutions according to their purpose.
    To guarantee the availability of your facilities, it ensures their maintenance and through-life support services.
    For your painting needs, PMTL prepares and applies specific paints such as polyurethane or industrial, military and space products.