Our in-depth knowledge of the main industrial sectors and the expertise acquired in the fields of mechanics allow us to propose and deploy tailor-made solutions for the production of our customers.

Digital Transformation

The continuous technological watch associated with our willingness to innovate allows PMTL to anticipate, as of today, the factory of the Future.

All our customers and employees are at the heart of this evolution drivent by the digital transformation and innovation integrated into our projects, into production and into our businesses and methods. Sharing this digital mindset is a source of success and sustainability for your projects, products and services.

PMTL is committed to helping you implement these new rules, constraints and changes in the industry


Accompanying our customers in their test campaigns is a historic will of PMTL. Whether for their research programs, their qualification tests, PMTL intervenes to bring know-how and technical mastery to achieve optimal results. 

Solutions for testing

PMTL helps its customers on qualification tests for new products, process qualification tests, test benches or load tests in the Aeronautics, Space, Defence and Energy sectors.

  • Researches

    Specify a need and define it in terms of qualification and testing.

  • Conception

    Provide complete engineering and production of parts and test equipment.

  • Realisation

    Realize according to the customer plans the equipment intended for tests.

  • Certifications

    Guarantee the certification of equipment by approved organizations, whether mechanical or integrating energies.

To choose PMTL for your tests, it is to choose a partner at the service of your activity in connection with your requirements and the expected levels of performances


Since 2017, PMTL has deployed an Innovation department whose aim is to meet the current difficulties of our customers and to anticipate the needs of tomorrow by developing ever more innovative and intelligent products.

Product Innovation

The global vision of the market and the solutions developed in the different business sectors are all assets that allow PMTL to offer pragmatic innovative products and to improve processes, rates or working conditions.

In this context, PMTL developed an equipment, ELLIPTIC, intended for assembly, maintenance and servicing activities on LEAP type aircraft engines. This innovative product is configurable and adaptable to other needs or installations.

Download – ELLIPTIC Product sheet

PMTL designed and manufactured the demonstrator of the NEXEYA Shinyn product to make it work and put the emphasis on its revolutionary capabilities.

Indeed, Shinyn aims to bring the light of day by the outside of confined spaces and to offer a visual comfort unequaled for the operators working there. This innovative solution brings space, security, comfort and time savings.

Download – SHINYN_product sheet

Innovation, like customer service, is for us a primary value at the center of all our concerns


PMTL offers customized services in the fields of Aeronautics, Space, Defence and Energy. We listen to our customers with offers that are technically and financially adjusted in line with the desired levels of performance and the return on investment objectives expected by our customers.

Customer Support

PMTL replies on a sharp customer support to enable the realization of the projects at the level of expected requirements with in particular


    Competent and dedicated experts according to your projects.


    Business experts who listen to your needs, problems and expectations.


    Intervention teams that can deploy solutions directly to your sites and arrive with the necessary focus for the expected performance.

Customer support is for PMTL a major activity available in transverse as part of the :

Assistance to Project Management

Scheduling, planning and coordination of your projects

Test engineering

Integration validation, equipment qualification and regulatory certifications

Product Engineering

Design, calculations, development

Control activity

Quality assurance and Product assurance

Our mission: to support a win-win strategy with our customers